Tories lack transparency over Belper Land Sale

Tory Leader Stuart Bradford admitted at the latest Council meeting that the details of the purchase of the Field lane was only reported in the public section of the Council papers because of a Freedom of Information request .

Apparently the full cost to the public purse of this redundant land was £1,634,691

They now want to sell the land but have refused a Labour request fora report to comeback to Full Council for approval of the conditions of any sale.

Obviously transparency, public accountability, and openness does not exist in a Tory run Council

Group leader Paul Jones said ‘ This plot of land is one of only 3 significant assets the Council owns. Why will they not report back to Full Council. What have they got to be afraid of .?’

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Tories support Labour Motion re Hospital Closure Clause




Amber Valley Borough Council ,at its meeting on Monday, voted unanimously to support a Labour motion requesting that the 3 Conservative MPs, who cover Amber valley, vote against Clause 119 of the Care Bill, which would allow the Secretary of State  to close  a Hospital anywhere in the Country, if the local Trust was in financial difficulty without the need to consult the local community.

Cllr Paul Jones, who proposed the motion to the Council meeting  said ‘ Opposition to this clause has wide support within the medical profession and a petition with over 150,000 signatures is being presented  to the Conservative/Liberal Government asking for the clause to be removed.’

He went on to say ‘ As Chairman of the No to Closing Heanor Hospital  campaign group I know, only too well, the impact of a Hospital Closure  can have on a community and this clause, if passed, will allow the Secretary of State to close any Hospital without any proper consultation or consideration for the feeling of local people. I thought the Government believed in localism, apparently not.’

He finished by saying  ‘ If this clause is supported then no Hospital in Derbyshire is safe. According to the proposal the decision to close a hospital could be made within 40 days regardless of how well it is performing ‘

Labour controlled Heanor and Loscoe Town Council have also written to Nigel Mills asking him to support the campaign

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MP opens Shop which has not got planning permission

Amber Valley MP Nigel Mills proudly opened a new tattoo studio on Cromford Road Langley Mill on behalf of the landlord,Tory Borough Councillor Alex Stevenson  in early January 2014. This was well reported in the local press along with a photograph of the occasion. What the press coverage failed to pick up was that the business did not have planning permission. A fact which came to light at the latest meeting of the Amber Valley Planning Board, in February, when a retrospective planning application was made for the premises to become a tattoo studio.
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Labour Motion to Full Council

The Labour group will be submitting the following motion to the next Full Council meeting of Amber Valley.


This Council write to all three MPs covering Amber Valley requesting that they support the campaign to withdraw Chapter 4 Clause 119 of the Care Bill ( the ‘hospital closure clause’) that will make it possible to close hospitals without proper consultation.’



Derbyshire Labour supporting foodbanks


Derbyshire Labour group publicly donating food to local foodbanks at its recent Council meeting .Something not supported by Derbyshire Tories including Amber Valley Tories who sit on both Councils

Belper Labour respond to Town Council farce

The labour Group on Belper Town Council have issued the following open letter in response to the event at Tory controlled Belper Town Council


During the last few months the Belper Town Council has been effectively paralysed due to an on going dispute between the majority of the Council and the Town Mayor. It is the opinion of the Labour group that the people of Belper deserve to know how and why this has happened and what steps the council has taken to resolve this situation:

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Labour choose Local Candidate for by election

Labour of chosen Heanor County Councillor Celia Cox as its candidate for the Heanor West By election.

Celia , who was the Borough Councillor , for this seat from 1995-2008 is the only candidate for the election who actually lives in Heanor.

Group leader Paul Jones said ‘ I am very pleased that Celia is the Labour candidate.The lack of local candidates from the opposition is a worry. Why should anyone vote for a candidate who does not even know the area.  After all,  Councillors are the voice for their community . How can you be that if you don’t  live there. One of the candidates is from as far away a Crich ‘

Hundreds turn out o support their local Hospital


Three to four  Hundred plus residents of Heanor turned out last night to the public meeting about the future of the Hospital. So many turned up they had to move the venue from the Town Hall to the local Church.

Local  Labour Councillor and Chair of No to Closing Heanor Hospital Cllr Paul Jones said’ I am very proud of my local community tonight by turning out in such great numbers they gave a resounding message to the  ‘powers that be’ that they will not get away with closing the hospital without a fight ‘

Anyone wishing to pass their thoughts onto the health authorities can contact them on 01332 868677 or email

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Labour retain Heanor East -comfortably

Despite the poor weather and the public meeting about Heanor Hospital Labour retained the seat of Heanor East with a comfortable majority



Group leader Paul Jones with successful candidate Sheila Oakes and County Councillor Celia Cox after the vote

As is becoming common recently more people voted by post that actually turned out to the polling station

Heanor East the result

Heanor East By election-30 January 2014


Candidates Votes % +/- %
  Labour Sheila Oakes



+ 8.58

Tory S Grainger



Lib Dem K Smith







Turn out



Following resignation of Phil Hill 

Labour Hold